As your full-service provider for scientific devices and laboratory equipment, you can expect the highest quality from our work. You explain your problems with sample analysis and the optimization of processing, we design and provide you with a customized solution. Our aim is to create an environment in which you can realise maximum efficiency. From comprehensive consulting and needs analysis, over timely delivery, integration into your existing infrastructure or the training of employees, you have a right to the highest quality and the expertise of a high-performance mid-sized company. As a channel partner of Agilent Technologies SIM intruduces customized chromatography solutions based on Agilent devices. These are optimized with proprietary products as well as quality system devices from other manufacturers. To use all application requirements, our development department designed and developed new instruments that are tested in the company's application laboratory.For all-round support of our customers, our service staff is ready to take care of the installation, maintenance and repair of the systems. Challenge us! Contact our team in Oberhausen, we are here for you.

Installed Base




After years of practical experience and theoretical knowledge gained from studying and professional training, managing directors Rolf Eichelberg and Werner Kientopf, established SIM GmbH in 1997. Both had been researchers and developers in major German companies in the field of gas and liquid chromatography. Their vast knowledge of mass spectrometry and process analysis, and their personal commitment and continual effort form the foundation of the company’s continuing expansion.

Healthy Growth in Germany

Meanwhile with 26 highly-skilled jobs, we give a clear commitment to Development and Research in Germany. Yet the number and quality of our tasks is always increasing. The company initially focused on the production of special adapters, however meanwhile the development of high-tech equipment for gas and liquid chromatography, is an essential pillar of SIM GmbH.

In addition, we provide our customers with individual and tailor-made chromatographic solutions for issues in the laboratory, as well as in process analysis. After working in Moers and Mülheim, SIM GmbH has now found its home in the new, spacious headquarters in Oberhausen.


The SIM GmbH


Passion is our energy!

As your full-service provider for scientific devices and laboratory equipment, you can expect the highest quality from our work. You explain your problems with sample analysis and the optimization of processing, we then devise a tailor-made solution. Your wishes are our challenge! Our aim is to create an environment in which you can realise maximum efficiency. From high-level consulting to on-time delivery, from the integration of new devices into your existing infrastructure to the training of staff, you have the right to the highest quality and the expertise of a powerful company. Contact our team in Oberhausen – we are there to help you.


Our motto: „Impossible isn't possible.“

High investment in qualified staff and development will guarantee technological advantage now, and in the future, particularly in such markets as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and biomedicine where SIM GmbH will profit from its research potential.Personal commitment and dedication to our customer’s wishes remain our focus. Not by offering cheap prices but by high quality and systems that match our demands we will keep our position in dramatically changing markets. In this way, we shall reinforce and retain our position as a medium-sized high-end enterprise.


Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies
Top-partner of laboratories for a better world. The worldwide leading technology venture for measurement instrumentation – Life sciences, chemical analysis technology and electronic measurement.


Specialist for total sulfur and total nitrogen analysis as well as gas standard and gas mixture preparation. AlyTech is a french firm, which is specialized in analytical instrumentation in the field of petrochemistry and pharmacy and gas standard preparation.

Axel Semrau®

Axel Semrau®
Cutting-edge technology in chromatography and sample preparation For many years, Axel Semrau® has been developing high-end products for sample preparation and chromatography.

Frontier Laboratories Ltd.

Frontier Laboratories Ltd.
Producer of high-quality pyrolysis systems for material characterization via GC and GC/MS. Frontier Lab is specialized in research, development and manufacture of analytical pyrolysis equipment.


Since more than 80 years customers trust in analytical solutions produced by LECO. We deliver perfect solutions for a huge variety of markets. Minerals and metals, agriculture, food, environmental analysis energy and life science (pharmaceutical samples, metabolomics, forensic, fragrances and more):
  1. Inorganic CHNOS Analytic
  2. Organic CHNOS Analytic
  3. TOC/EC/TIC analysis (DIN19539, VDLufa…)
  4. Macro Thermogravimetry
  5. Calorimetry
  6. Metallography
  7. Hardness Testing
  8. Separation Science: GC- and GC×GC TOFMS, High Resolution TOFMS, and GC×GC High Resolution TOFMS
Trusted since 1936.

Peak Scientific Instruments

Peak Scientific Instruments
High performance gas generators for analytical laboratories. The scottish company Peak Scientific Instruments develops leading gas generator technology.

Trajan Scientific and Medical - SGE

Trajan Scientific and Medical - SGE
Development and manufacture of chromatographic and analytical products. TRAJAN previously SGE is for years a known manufacturer of components for chromatography and other analytical and bio-analytical techniques.

Valco instruments

Valco instruments
Manufacturer of different products for medical laboratories. Valco instruments consists of several companies, which manufacture various products for the analytical industry.

Reach Separations

Reach Separations
Reach Separations specialises in chromatography for the analysis and purification of small molecules.


  • Ingenieria Analitica s.L .- Spanien

    Ingenieria Analitica s.L .- Spanien

    Chromatography and spectroscopy. Ingenieria analytics s.L. is a specialist in instrumental analytics, especially chromatography and spectroscopy.
  • Scientific Support Services - England/Irland

    Scientific Support Services - England/Irland

    Partner for laboratory instrumentation and after sales service in England and Ireland. Scientific Support Services is specialized in sale of high quality laboratory equipment and after sales service for the sold equipment.
  • SRA Instruments - France

    SRA Instruments - France

    GC specialist and developer of analytical solutions. SRA Instruments is a specialist in GC and micro GC with a highly competitive know-how in this field.
  • Labosoltech LLC. - Japan

    Labosoltech LLC. - Japan

    Labosoltech LLC. implements your ideas with solid technology and comprehensive knowledge. Therefor, traditional technology is combined with new technology.


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