Automated Sample Preparation

We would like to present you with our solutions for automated sample preparation with the PAL system.


Dosage of an internal standard for Headspace GC

The fully automatic sample preparation for Headspace GC analysis is based on a PAL3-Chronect that has been equipped with various modules. The sample is weighed and mixed with an internal standard. The homogenized solution is shaken in the agitator at a set temperature. Afterwards, a defined volume of the gaseous phase is injected into the GC.


Sample preparation for liquid extraction in ultrasonic bath and extract dilution.

The PAL system is equipped for automated sample preparation among others with a changeover tool and an ultrasonic bath. The sample is extracted in the ultrasonic bath by adding a solvent, then filtrated and diluted. The sample injection into the LC system is concluding the procedure.



Automatic sample preparation for PAK analysis in asphalt

The automatic sample preparation is implemented with an RTC-PAL (Robotic Tool Change), which is equipped with various modules. After adding an internal standard and solvents, the sample is extracted in an ultrasonic bath. The resulting supernatant is centrifuged and extracted again with a second solvent. After further centrifugation of the new supernatant, the solution can be used for chromatography.


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