Intuvo 9000 GC/ PAL

The new GC system Intuvo 9000 by Agilent offers an optimized workflow for higher productivity through innovative technologies. Next to a simplified operation, a direct heating oven provides high heating rates for shorter cycle times. Substantially lower cooling-down periods decrease cycle duration considerably.

Intuvo 9000 GC/ PAL

For determination of the hydrocarbon index according to DIN-EN ISO 9377-2:2000 (DEV H53) or H53 for short, the running time is dependent on the GC system as well as method parameters, and amounts to 20-30 minutes by default. Intuvo 9000 GC allows for an analysis time of 2 minutes for this method. In combination with washing- and cooling-down periods, a cycle duration of 8 minutes can be achieved; details on this can be found in the SIM application note.

 H53 standardH53 kalibrierung


Using the PAL system with the Intuvo 9000 GC enables a higher increase in efficiency of the workflow.
The application of a single PAL allows a simultaneous run of an H53 analysis on two Intuvo GC with delay - which means, that instead of 2 the analysis of up to 14 samples within an hour is possible. This dual-system does not take up more space than a standard gas chromatograph.

If a dual-arm PAL is used, it is possible to work with four Intuvo GC simultaneously and do up to 28 H53 analyses per hour.

Intuvo 9000 GC/ PAL

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