TGA 8000 with Agilent GC/MS

This coupling was designed to to enable a better analysis of resulting gas products from decomposed and vaporized materials.
If the optical null ultra-microbalance TGA 8000 is coupled with a GC/MS system, one gets both information about quantitative changes in mass and qualitative information about the products.

TGA 8000 with Agilent GC/MS


  • optical null ultra-microbalance in an isolated temperature-compensated chamber provides the capability of measuring the smallest weight changes with zero-compensation principle
  • coupling with GC/MS systems through a transfer-line sniffer tube and a thermostatted gas-divert-valve
  • high sensitivity and outstanding reproducibilty with Agilent GC/MS systems


Fields of application for TGA-GC/MS coupling

Analysis of polymeres, combustibles, bio mass, rubber and rubber compounds, pharmaceuticals, microplastics and art works under the following aspects:

  • decomposition and thermal stability
  • component identification and quantification, e.g. additives and bulking agents
  • moisture/solvent evolution and their identification
  • reaction kinetics and modeling


Components of TGA-GC/MS complete system

  • PerkinElmer TGA 8000 with transfer-line to
  • Agilent GC/MS system
  • data system with control and evaluation software (Pyris software and Agilent MassHunter/MS-ChemStation)
  • optional iOS Pyrislight App to control TGA 8000 with iPhone® and iPad®
  • accessories and consumables


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