Fully automated determination of 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD, glycidol and their fatty acid esters in foodstuffs

With the 3-MCPD analyzer, SIM has an analyzer in its portfolio that enables fully automated determination of 3-monochloropropandiol (3-MCPD), 2-monochloropropandiol (2-MCPD), glycidol and their fatty esters in food. These are produced, for example, in the refining process of oil- and fat-containing foods and must be determined in various foods in accordance with EU maximum quantity regulations.


The 3-MCPD analyzer allows a determination of 3-MCPD, 2-MCPD, glycidol and their esters quickly and easily. The "DGF C-VI 18(10)" method has been optimized so that the entire sample preparation and introduction to the GC/MS system can be automated with the PAL autosampler (DGF Fast & Clean). The substances then are detected by the powerful Agilent Single or Triple quadrupole mass spectrometers (SQ MS or TQ MS).

Due to the modular design of the analysis system, other methods can also be automated, so that overall a fast and time-saving analysis is available compared to conventional analysis methods with manual sample preparation.

The 3-MCPD analyzer is pre-installed in the application laboratory, tested and delivered ready-for-use to the end user.


 Structure of the analyzer system

  •  Agilent 7890 GC/SQ or TQ MS
  • PAL 3 autosampler
  • CHRONOS software byAxel Semrau®


 Advantages of the 3-MCPD analyzer

  •  automated sample preparation, optimized according to the DGF method C-VI 18(10)
  • measurement of 36 samples in 24 hours thanks to the powerful CHRONOS software
  • 24-hour measuring mode that does not require any mandatory user interactions/actions
  • reliable data
  • no carry-over


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