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Pyrolysis gas chromatography (Py-GC) allows the analysis of small amounts of polymeric samples in a wide variety of forms including solid, nonvolatile and insoluble samples. Because pyrolysis GC doesn’t require sample pretreatment and small sample volumes are adequate, it is widely used in a spectrum of application areas such as polymer chemistry, environmental and food chemistry, quality control and forensics.

The Multi-Functional Pyrolysis System of Frontier Laboratories consists of the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer and special accessories/add-ons to enhance the field of application. Depending on the setup up to four different modes of pyrolysis can be performed. Here you can find more information about the different pyrolysis modes and the wide field of application. For pyrolysis GC the Single-Shot and the Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer plus diverse add-ons are available.


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