DIP for Shimadzu GC/MS

Shimadzu GCMS systems can be utilized for MS direct analysis by using the Direct Inlet system without separating the GC/MS coupling and preceding chromatography.

  • both liquid and solid samples can be analyzed by using two different push rod tips
  • automatic insertion of the sample into the high vacuum of the ion source (EI/CI)
  • convenient operation of the system via a DIP software (temperature program for push rod heating, used for vaporizing the sample in the ion source); acquisition and evaluation of mass spectra through GCMS software
  • available for Single Quadrupole GCMS QP2010/2020 and Triple Quadrupole GCMS TQ8040


 ShimadzuQP2020 DIP



  • Direkt Inlet also for low volatile substances and solid samples
  • no separation of the GC/MS coupling before acquisition of a mass spectrum with Direct Inlet
  • vacuum valve and temperature control of the push rod (heating/cooling) are regulated through an external controller, accidental venting is prevented by the automatic sample insertion into the ion source


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