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Direct Inlet (DIP)

This supplement for the Agilent detectors MSD 5975 and 5977, Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer 7000/7000D/7010B, as well as the 7200 GC-Q-TOF enables the direct acquisition of mass spectra without uncoupling the GC/MS interface. Additionally we offer the Direct Inlet Probe system also for GC/MS systems by Shimadzu and Leco. A push rod is used to insert the sample into the vacuum of the ion source to record the mass spectrum:

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  • The tip of the push rod keeps the inlay with the sample (either for liquid or solid samples)
  • An externally controlled valving and pumping system permits the sample to enter the MSD vacuum system with minimal air introduced into the system.
  • When the push rod is fully injected, the probe tip is heated (programmable at ramp rates).
  • Acquisition and evaluation of the spectra (EI or CI mode) is done by the Agilent MS software.

pdfDIP-MS Productinfo.pdf 

pdfDIP Application (liquid sample)

pdfDIP Application (solid sample)




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