DIP for LECO Pegasus

The Direct Inlet Probe (DIP) offers a significant wider area of application for LECO Pegasus® GC-HRT TOFMS. Due to the DIP system the masses of low volatile and solid samples, that are otherwise not accessible by GC without prior sample preparation, can now be analyzed.

High mass accuracy and ultrahigh mass resolution of the TOF analyzer now provide a wider sample spectrum.


leco273 DIP


  • direct inlet probe also for low volatile and solid samples
  • automatic insertion of the sample into the high vacuum of the ion source (EI/CI), prevents the MS from being vented accidentally
  • programmed-temperature vaporization into the ion source to eliminate matrix references
  • convenient operation of the system via DIP software (temperature program for push rod heating); acquisition and evaluation of mass spectra through TOF software
  • all benefits of TOF analysis, a maximum of efficiency with high data acquisition rate, high mass accuracy as well as an ultra high mass resolution across a wide range of concentration
  • acquisition of mass spectra without separation of the GC/Q-TOF coupling, enables fast switch of analyses modes from DIP-MS to GC-MS
  • fast screenings for quality assurance and identification of unknown analytes
  • application range covers food and environmental analysis, metabolomics, analysis of natural substances and petroleomics (Direct inlet probe – High-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry as fas technique for the chemical description of complex high-boiling samples, U. Käfer et al., https://doi.org/10.1016/j.talanta.2019.05.030)    
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Direct Inlet System (DIP) for LECO Pegasus® GC-HRT TOFMS B 0601 40 00       


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