Syringe Information

General purpose syringes with plunger protection
Volume: 5 µl - 500 µl

The 5 µl and 10 µl syringes are equipped with a plunger protection guide that prevents plunger bending during injection. Syringes with a volume of 25 µl and above do not need plunger protection because these plungers are inherently stable.


Plunger-in -needle (micro volume) syringes - "B"
Volume: 0.5 µl, 1 µl and 5 µl

Because the plunger extends to the needle tip, you can inject samples down to 0.1 µl with high precision and accuracy. The whole sample volume is contained within the needle. These syringes are distinguished by their robust and durable construction. A needle and plunger replacement kit is available for every syringe.


Syringes with guided plunger - "GP"
Volume: 5 µl and 10 µl

The extended barrel guides the plunger during injection. For this reason, the low- volume syringes are made for rugged (student or techical) use.The syringes are available with fixed and removable needles.


Syringes with Superflex™ plunger - "X"
Volume: 5 µl and 10 µl

The superelastic alloy (titanium/nickel) plunger will not kink. Together with the plunger protection guide and the button reinforcement, it ensures precise and smooth injections. The plunger is flexible and always returns to its original shape.


Gas-tight syringes - "GT"
Volume: 10 µl - 100 ml

These syringes offer gas-tight sample containment for liquid and gas samples. They are assembled with an interference fit between plunger tip and barrel to effect the gas sealing properties of the syringe. The plungers with PTFE tips are interchangeable on these syringes. This type of syringe is available with fixed and removable needle, and fixed luer lock.


Conical needle tip - "C"
The cone-shaped needle has been specifically developed to withstand the multi injection demands of autosamplers. They are also standard on microvolume and valve syringes.


Beveled needle tip - "BV"
A 20° beveled tip is the standard, general purpose needle tip style supplied with SGE syringes. This style is designed for optimum septum penetration and prevention of septum coring.


HPLC needle tip - "LC"
HPLC valve injection syringes have 90° square tip needles with chamfered and polished edges to eliminate damage to the valve's rotor seal and stator face. This needle tip is also suitable for the pipetting of liquids.


Sheathed/Beveled needle tip - "T"
The same as the BV tip, except a 0.7 mm OD reinforcing sheath is silver soldered over the standard needle to within 10 mm of the tip. The sheath povides exceptional strength to the needle.


Side hole domed needle tip - "H"
Liquid samples are filled and dispensed through the side hole. The solid, domed tip minimizes septum damage.


Domed needle tip - "D"
This needle style is recommended for use with pre-drilled septa (AutoSepT™). The tip is rounded and polished to facilitate septum penetration.


PTFE coated needle tip "P"
This tip has a 90° square tip and a 20 mm-long PTFE outer coating. It is ideal for dispensing aqueous samples, because the outside of the needle is not wetted.


Fixed needle syringe - "F"
Syringe volume: 5 µl to 500 µl

The epoxy-cemented, stainless steel needle is centered in the syringe barrel at the depth of the zero graduation mark. Standard length of the needle is 50 mm with a beveled needle tip. Do not heat these syringes above 70 °C.


Removable needle syringe - "R"
Syringe volume: 5 µl to 10 ml

Removable needles seat precisely at the zero graduation mark of the syringe. The PTFE sealing ferrrule can be tightened to compensate for wear. Do not heat these syringes above 120 °C.


Syringe with luer tip - "LT"
Syringe volume: 50 µl to 2.5 ml


Syringe with luer lock - "LL"
Syringe volume: 50 µl to 100 ml


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