PAL Special Solutions

The SIM GmbH develops special solutions for CTC PAL autosampler as well as for the Dual PAL:

The Dual PAL is an autosampler with two robot arms based on the approved concept of the CTC-PAL autosampler, i.e. the sampling is carried out with high presiscion and reproducibility. Both robot arms can be moved by each other independendently in xyz direction and originally have been developed by the company CTC for the liquid and headspace injection. Especially for the MSD- Direct Inlet System (DIP MSD) the SIM GmbH developed an option which can grip and insert the sample tubes into the direct inlet system. Therefore not only liquid but also solid samples can be processed with the PAL.

dip 70007890pal


With the combination of the PAL-solid option with the Dual-PAL, a variety of automated sampling task are available.

  • liquid and solid sampling for DIP/MS applications
  • liquid injection for GC measurements
  • control of the Dual PAL is carried out via a special developed software which is integrated into the Agilent MSD Productivity ChemStation (SIM Control)
  • complete documentation of the analyses is ensured by the integration of all three systems (GC/MS, DIP, PAL) into the MS ChemStation
  • all sampling tasks can alternatingly be performed in one sequence, i.e. after a change, the system doesn't have to be modified
  • optimally suitable for screening methods (e.g. pharmaceutics) and online analysis
Please, in case of questions and special wishes for the automatic sampling with the PAL autosampler, contact us!


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