6850 ALS

The Agilent 6850 automatic liquid sampler (ALS) with the Agilent 6850 gas chromatograph was designed to be the ideal routine gas chromatography system for QA/QC laboratories. This ALS mounts directly on the GC, preserving the 6850's small footprint while adding significant sample capacity. This small, hard-working autosampler enables unattended operation throughout a typical shift or overnight. Moreover, it provides the legendary reliability of Agilent instruments.


  • Sampler capacity up to 27 2-mL vials or up to 22 4-mL vials using an optional turret accessory
  • Modular, for easy transport to other 6850 GCs
  • Variable sampling depth, which provides access to small samples
  • Highly reliable syringe alignment
  • Rugged construction and proven technology for maximum uptime
  • Compatible with all 6850 GCs, all 6850 handheld controllers, all releases of Agilent Cerity chemical QA/QC software, and current Agilent ChemStation software (version A.06 or later)
  • Standard three-year replacement warranty



pdfSpecifications 6850 ALS Liquid Sampler.pdf


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