The PAL Combi-xt is the only GC sample injection system that combines liquid, large volume, headspace, in tube extraction (ITEX) and SPME injection in one single instrument. This unique capability allows quick switching from one application to another on the same GC workstation. Regardless if your samples may be processed in headspace, liquid, SPME, ITEX mode, or if your method requires split/splitless or on column injection, your new instrument setup is ready in a few minutes. The Combi PAL provides truly powerful working capabilities. The syringe only concept of Combi-xt, combines the exact manual sample injection procedure of an experienced GC chromatographer, with the precision and throughput of an automated sampling system.


  • The PAL-xt systems can be controlled by most of today's Chromatography Data Systems from all the major instrument manufacturers
  • Superior accuracy and reprodubility combined with optimum injection flexibility
  • Temperature controlled sample storage from 4°C uo to 70°C
  • Get P&T sensitivity without the cost of a P&T System
  • Liquid Injection - Static Headspace - SPME - ITEX Extraction in one single instrument
  • Rapid & efficient sample enrichement of volatile & semi-volatile compounds in solid, liquid and gaseous samples

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