7693A Automatic Liquid sampler

Productivity, Performance, and Flexibility

The Agilent 7693A Automatic Liquid Sampler (ALS) ushers in a new era of productivity, performance, and flexibility. The 7693A builds on the proven Agilent autosampler technologies that have worked reliably for customers in the past, including dual simultaneous injection and patented fast injection. But the 7693A takes it one step further – adding basic sample preparation capabilities such as dilution, internal standard addition, heating, and more. So whether you want to automate sample injection or the entire sample preparation and injection process, the 7693A is the optimal solution for maximum productivity, performance, and flexibility within many labs.


  • All the advantages of the 7683B autosampler and much more
  • Capacity of up to 150 2-mL sample vials allows greater unattended operation – 50% greater than the 7683B
  • Perform single-stroke injection of up to 50 µL using a 100 µL syringe; multiple injections are possible depending on your needs
  • The 7693A holds 250-µL and 500-µl syringes for use in sample preparation work (when used with optional Enhanced Sample Handling Syringe Carriage)
  • Eliminate analyst-to-analyst variability and reduce rework using the 7693A sample preparation capabilities, including dilution, internal standard addition, heating, mixing, and solvent addition
  • Easily build and run GC sample preparation programs with Easy SamplePrep software
  • Heat the entire tray or cool it to sub-ambient temperatures to meet your lab’s needs
  • Modular design allows the flexibility to easily move the sampler from GC to GC or start with a single injector and add on to the system as needed
  • Track samples using the optional barcode reader module, and print labels using the new Agilent Barcode Printing Solution.


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