7200B/7250 Q-TOF GC/MS

High Resolution, Accurate Mass, Extended Mass Range, Low Detection limits

The Agilent 7200B GC Q-TOF and 7250 GC Q-TOF offer improved capabilities for the most challenging problems. The TOF mass range was extended from m/z 50 - 1,700 to m/z 15 - 3,000. This performance enhancement will allow for the analysis of larger mass compounds and will be particularly beneficial when coupled to Direct Injection Probes (DIP). The instruments deliver high sensitivity and selectivity with the added value of accurate mass and high resolution information for structural confirmation of target, non-target or unknown compounds.
The 7200B GC-Q-TOF runs with a standard EI source and in PCI/NCI mode, while the 7250 GC Q-TOF is running with Low Energy EI through a modified High efficiency Source (HES). Both systems redraw the boundaries of GC/MS technology - solving the toughest analytical challenges with confidence.


7200B GC/Q-TOF



  • highly accurate mass assignments: a dual-gain amplifier with dual analog-to-digital (ADC) detection records multiple events over wide mass and dynamic ranges
  • extended mass range up to m/z 3000
  • spectra acquisition rates up to 50 Hz
  • monolithic, hyperbolic, goldpleated quadrupole; heatable up to 200 °C
  • fast, high-quality MS/MS spectra: ions are accelerated in Agilent’s unique hexapole collision cell
  • 24/7 mass accuracy: Agilent’s proprietary INVAR flight tube, sealed in a vacuum-insulated shell, stabilizes mass calibration against thermal change
  • easy routine maintenance: change the removable ion source without venting the high-vacuum mass analyzer
  • Agilent MassHunter software for controlling the entire workflow process
  • 7200B
    • high-sensitive standard EI source
    • TOF-sampling rate ADC 32 Gbit/s
    • Backflush-ready system for improved GC functionality
    • Time-of-Flight path length: 2 m
  • 7250
    • EI-source: HES (High Efficiency Source), for application of Low-Energy EI, meaning softer ionisation and subsequently lower fragementation
    • TOF-sampling rate ADC 160 Gbit/s
    • Quick-Vent function with nitrogen purging
    • Time-of-Flight path length: 3 m



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