MSD 5977B

Agilent presents the new generation of MSD - the industry-proven GC/MS system. The 5977B MSD comes with a revolutionary High Efficiency Ion Source (HES), which maximizes the number of ions created and transferred out of the source body and into the quadrupole analyzer.

The Agilent 5977B Series Gas Chromatograph/Mass Selective-Detector (GC/MSD) builds on a tradition of leadership in GC and MS technology. The new MSD 5977B combines the reliable performance of its predeccesor with new features that improve sensitivity and efficiency. Through its industry-leading robustness and reliability, it ensures your laboratory years of successful productivity.

 K1600 MSD 5977B Neu


  • High Efficiency Ion Source (HES) - maximizes the number of ions that are created and transferred out of the source body and into the quadrupole analyzer
  • Supports four EI sources - stainless steel, Inert, Extractor, or High Efficiency Source (HES)
  • An up to 10 times increase in MS signals brings the future into today's single quadrupole laboratory - the detection limits are as low as 1.5 femtogram Instrument Detection Limit (IDL)
  • Triple-Axis Detektor (TAD) - with high energy dynode and long-life electron multiplier
  • Sample size reduction - a leveraged increase in MS sensitivity to reduce sample size and to lower operating costs for transportation, storage, preparation, and waste disposal
  • heated monolithic hyperbolic quadrupole
  • Ultra Inert Flow Path Solutions to maintain sample integrity, while reducing analyte loss and decomposition - this is especially important as available samples become smaller, increasingly active, and more complex, so that interferences by flow path activity have to be avoided
  • Agilent 7890B - continues to be a reliable and dynamic partner for the MSD 5977B
  • MassHunter Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis as well as the classic ChemStation software - allow for power and flexibility
  • IDP-3 Dry Scroll Pump - a high performance, oil-free pump option for near silent operation and no risk of oil contamination; eco-friendly with proven superior reliability
  • Agilent CrossLab - a portfolio of services, supplies and software, which allows your lab to optimize workflows in fundamentally new ways



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