PerkinElmer TGA 8000

The thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is primarily a quantitative analytical method, which measures the change of mass in samples within a controlled atmosphere while being heated, cooled or kept on a constant temperature.

The new PerkinElmer thermogravimetric analyzer TGA 8000 was specifically designed for hyphenation with GC/MS and other systems, and offers the ideal connection of highest sensitivity and reproducibility for material characterization.
The optical null ultra-microbalance can be coupled with GC/MS, FT-IR or MS where resulting gas products are transferred with a mass-flow controller for further analysis.

 TGA weiß


  • optical null ultra-microbalance in an isolated temperature-compensated chamber provides the capability of measuring the smallest weight changes with zero-compensation principle
  • low-mass, platinum-wound microfurnace provides broad temperatures ranging from -20°C up to 1,200°C on a heating rate from 0.1°C bis 500°C/min
  • high sample throughput due to rapid cooling rates: the advantage of small furnace dimensions
  • autosampler with 48 positions for fully-automatic operation
  • fully flexible sample atmosphere control for both temperature and gas
  • two integral mass-flow controller for balance and sample purge within the scale and sample area as well as an optional gas mixing device (GMD 8000)
  • coupling through a tranfer-line sniffer tube and a thermostatted gas-divert-valve
ltem Order No.
TGA 8000 PE 8000 10 10
TGA 8000 with autosampler PE 8000 10 20


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