7000D/7010B Triple Quad GC/MS

The Agilent 7000D and 7010B Triple Quadrupole GC/MS are the latest versions of the most successful GC/MS/MS. Both allow more solid results through higher efficiency and productivity while at the same time reducing operational costs. The 7000D provides reliable results in routine analysis with its standard EI source, while the 7010B offers remarkable low detection limits due to its High-Efficiency EI source. Both instruments are easier to use and more efficient than their predecessors because of their new dynamic Multiple Reaction Monitoring (dMRM). The dMRM allows a better method adjustment, so more analytes can be determined through a single run and a higher efficiency is achieved.


  • 7000D: the high-sensitive EI source provides reliable results in routine analysis, even in complex matrices with an          IDL ≤ 4fg OFN
  • 7010B: the High-Efficiency EI source offers impressive low detection limits with an IDL ≤ 0.5 fg OFN
  • dynamic Multiple Reaction Monitoring (dMRM) provides simple method adjustment and editing
  • combined scan/MRM-mode allows a higher scanning speed at simultaneous analysis of non-target compounds
  • MRM speed at 800 transitions per second, with a minimum dwell time of 0.5 ms
  • linear hexapol collision cell (collision cell gas: nitrogen with helium quench gas)
  • monolithic, hyperbolic, goldcoated quadrupole - heatable up to 200 °C - eliminates common contaminants
  • Triple-Axis HED-EM detector provides low basic noise
  • fast vent decreases cooling-down periods
  • Backflush technology allows shorter analysis cycles and prolongs column lifecycle
  • Ion source programmable up to 350 °C
  • standard EI source, optional CI source
  • High-performance chromatography provided by Agilent 7890 GC
  • Agilent MassHunter software for complete control of workflow from tune to report generation
  • Retention Time Locking (RTL) software allows optimum utilization of the dynamic MRM
  • optional JetClean self-cleaning ion source reduces cleaning requirement of the ion source by 80%, which enables an increased productivity



pdfAgilent 7000D Triple Quad datasheet.pdf
pdfAgilent 7010B Triple Quad datasheet.pdf
pdfAgilent 7000D and 7010B Triple Quad brochure.pdf


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