Noise Reduction

Noise protection in the workplace is a very important aspect because noise has a lasting effect at one's health and results in a loss of job performance. For minimizing noise exposure, SIM offers enclosures for noise reduction custom-made for pumps, cryostats and other noisy equipment. These are effective devices lined with a specially engineered acoustical foam to keep the noise inside while keeping the equipment cool at the same time : A ventilation system allows air flow through the enclosure so the equipment won't overheat.




  • effective noise protection by the use of a sandwich construction (layer thickness 5 cm, noise absorption approx. 9 dB(A))
  • safety precautions: protection against excessive heat with an integrated fan
    enclosure with integrated power socket for the pump and mains connection for the fan: serious connection of these both guarantees that the fan is working when the pump is turned on
  • ease of use due to a lightweight construction which can be divided into two parts:
    enclosure can easily be placed over devices even over those difficult to access (e.g. for a pump located beneath the workbench) and quick release fasteners enable quick and total access to the equipment for maintenance
  • cutout with brushes for vacuum hose and cable
  • dimensions are specially adapted to the noisy equipment, in case of instruments which are not listed in the table below, please ask for an offer
article order no.
enclosure for pump types RV3/RV5 SH 0001 00 03
enclosure for pump types RV8/RV12 SH 0001 00 08
enclosure for pump types E2M1.5/E2M0.7 SH 0001 00 15
enclosure for pump types E1M18/E2M18/E2M28 SH 0001 00 18
enclosure for cryostat SH 0002 00 01
enclosure for other pumps/devices and 100/110 V on request

Please note:

sizes are set for pumps without exhaustion filter - any other dimensions and 
devices for line voltage 100/110V available on request!


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