1260 Infinity II Bio-inert LC System

100 % metal-free sample flow path for your bio-applications

The Agilent 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert LC system is a dedicated solution for analysis of large biomolecules. Metal-free components in the sample flow path and the absence of iron and steel in solvent delivery lines ensure the integrity of your biomolecules, minimize unwanted surface interactions and increase column life-time. The system's power range expands from lowest pressure for traditional biopurification columns up to high-pressure sub-2-micron analytical biocolumns. With Agilent AdvanceBio columns you can advance your pharmaceutical discovery, development and QA/QC utilizing conventional and ultra-performance LC systems for analysis of intact and fragmented monoclonal antibodies.

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  • Reliable analysis of biological samples - the metal-free sample flow path at 600 bar means that none of the samples touch metal surfaces, thus minimizing unwanted surface interactions while increasing column lifetime.
  • Inert flow cells for UV- and fluorescence detection.
  • Inert solvent and column selection valves for multi-method/ multi-attribute analysis.
  • High salt tolerance (2M) and wide pH range (1-13, short term 14).
  • Flow rates up to 10 mL/min enable power ranges from lowest pressure for traditional biopurification columns to high pressure sub-2-micron analytical biocolumns.
  • Active seal wash.
  • Quarternary solvent blending.
  • 1260 Infinity II Bio-inert Multisampler reduces carry-over to less than 9 ppm using multiwash capability.
  • Novel bio-inert capillary and connection design and InfinityLab Quick Connect/ Quick Turn column fittings.
  • Ion exchange chromatography with Agilent Buffer Advisor software.
  • Large portfolio of Bio-HPLC columns for SEC, IEX, reversed phase and peptide mapping.
  • Optional upgrade to Multi-Detector Bio-SEC solution - for reproducible advanced analysis of accurate molecular weights and size information of protein-based pharmaceuticals.


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