HT HPLC 200 Column Oven

SIM's high temperature oven for LC-columns

This column oven was developed to realize temperature programs for high temperature (HT) HPLC in the best way. The result from the cooperation with the scientific institute IUTA e.V. (Duisburg, Germany) is an oven that uses the key benefits of HT-HPLC to full capacity: fast separations, temperature gradient and/or solvent gradient, saving of organic solvents: The oven enables heating rates up to 30°C/min in the range of 30 – 200 °C (temperature program with up to 3 ramps) as well as very quick cooling down of the whole system. The zones preheating, column heating, and cooling can be controlled separately. Metal blocks in these zones guarantee fast and direct temperature transfer. Even temperature sensitive detectors can be used because of the effective refrigeration compressor together with precise system control.


  • isothermal and gradient conditions up to 200°C
  • eluent temperature separately controlled in 3 zones (preheating/column heating/cooling in front of detector)
  • metal blocks for very effective temperature transfer and precise temperatur control
  • effective cooling with refrigeration compressor and precise temperature control for the use of temperature sensitive detectors
  • effective cooling also enables fast analytical cycles even with temperature gradients
  • variable for different column lengths (50 - 200 mm)
  • operation via PC
  • easy installation, easy column change
Article order no.
high temperatur HPLC oven for HPLC systems HT 0200 03 20
1 pair of column jaws for column length up to max. 100 mm HT 0200 03 20 OPT010
1 pair of column jaws for column length up to max. 200 mm HT 0200 03 20 OPT020



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