EZChrom Elite

EZChrom Elite Client/ServerTM is the complete solution to your data processing requirements, developed by Scientific Software, Inc.. This system uses standard modern network technology and meets the needs of large, networked laboratory environments, but is also simple enough ot satisfy the needs of the small laboratory. EZChrom Elite is suited for both stand-alone and Client/Server environments providing complete laboratory data acquisition, instrument control, and analysis:

  • Ease of Use: The design enables new users to quickly master even the setup of complicated data acquisition methods. Wizards make setting up even complex methods and run sequences easy for first-timers as well as experienced users.
  • The unified chromatography data system strategy can be implemented for all laboratories, instruments and users.
  • GLP compliance by providing detailed method and data audit trails as well as electronic signature.
  • Impeccable system security by assignment of functional levels for each user, and user and group access to individual instruments, laboratories, or even entire buildings.


Instrument Control:

EZChrom Elite Client/Server systems provide the highest level of quality and flexibility, supporting a wide variety of data acquisition and control hardware such as the Agilent 5890 and 6890 gas chromatographs, 1100 liquid chromatographs, Agilent Micro GC systems and other available chromatography systems.

Data Aquisition:

Each EZServer can acquire data from multiple sources simultaneously. The system is configured with unlimited instruments and detectors per workstation: a workstation can access instruments from anywhere on the network - even from a remote location via telephone line or internet.

Graphical Data Integration:

EZChrom Elite graphical integration events make getting perfect peak integration easy (chromatogram overlays, manual integration tools, and so on); because all integration events are saved with the original data file, it es easy to re-create the integration, even if the method has changed.


You can deliver your results efficiently by choosing from a variety of standard report formats or creating your own report templates (e.g. you can insert logos, text boxes and so on):

Data Import & Export:

Access to data is easy with unsurpassed data export and import capabilities: ODBC file export makes it easy to link your chromatography results to a Windows-based LIMS. EZChrom Elite Client/Server also supports the use of industry-standard ANDI format data files and OLE (object linked and embedding) functionality.


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