Thermo Conditioner for TD Tubes

Thermal desorption (TD) is a sample preparation technique for gas chromatography to measure volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds in air and materials. It simplifies and speeds a lot of chromatographic applications because it can save many hours of manual sample preparation. Sample tubes filled with an adsorbent are used to collect the analytes before they are transferred via the TD system into the gas chromatograph.

Absolutely clean TD tubes are essential for a highly sensitive and reproducible measurement using thermal desorption. Here you can apply the TD CLEAN-CUBE to remove impurities from the tubes before they are used for sample collection: Up to 20 tubes are heated simultaneously under precisely controlled conditions. For high purity requirements a gas filter can be added at the purge gas in-port; for preventing laboratory air contamination, a charcoal filter can be inserted at the purge gas out-port. The conditioning procedure is completely independent of the TD system so that the TD CLEAN-CUBE saves time and protects GC column and detector.




For the conditioning procedure, the tubes (industry standard 1/4" x 3.5") are inserted into the TD LEAN-CUBE base plate. The upper cube part with the heating block is pushed down and the conditioning cycle starts.

A temperature program is started enabling temperatures up to 400 °C and the sequence of three ramps. This depends on the sorbent as well as the type of monitoring for which the tube will be used. The thermo conditioner provides default methods and the possibility to save individual temperature programs.

At the end of the conditioning cycle, the heating block is moved up while the purge gas is still flowing. This provides fast cooling of the tubes and also saves time. An automatic gas shut-off is implemented stopping the purge gas flow as soon as the tubes are removed.

Article Order No.
TD CLEAN-CUBE Thermo Conditioner for standard tubes (1/4“ x 3.5“) TK 1000 20 00  
Gas-Filter System (hydrocarbon, moisture and oxygen); incl. bracket (for gas inlet) TK 1000 20 00 OPT020
Spare Part Triple Filter (hydrocarbon, moisture and oxygen) TK 1000 20 20
Gaskets for gas connection (2 pieces) TK 1001 03 00
Gasket for TD CLEAN-CUBE heating block (1 piece) TK 1001 03 01
Gaskets for 1/4" TD tubes (Markes, Perkin-Elmer, Shimadzu) (20 pieces) TK 1001 03 02


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