1220 Infinity II LC System

Economical solution in highest quality - for routine HPLC and demanding UHPLC analysis

Agilent launched a high-quality integrated system with the 1220 Infinity II LC that is suited for routine HPLC as well as for demanding UHPLC analysis. It was optimized with superior precision for daily productivity in all routine applications.
Pump pressures up to 600 bar, a flow rate up to 10 mL/min, and a detector time of 80 Hz allow you to benefit from the advantages of state-of-the-art LC-column technology. Complete compatibility with the Agilent detectors of the 1200 Infinity II series and Quadrupole-MS systems of the 6100 series make customization to individual requirements and flexibility for future needs easy. 



  • robustness: maximal uptime in routine analysis, minimal downtime for maintenance
  • flexibility: selection of four integrated "All-in-One" configurations
  • future-proof: the system can be upgraded with additional hardware modules of the InfinityLAB LC series
  • pump: isocratic pump or dual gradient pump with integrated dual-channel degassing unit with pressures up to 600 bar, possible pump upgrade with active inlet-valves to increase robustness for challenging solvent conditions
  • flow rate: stable, virtually pulse-free solvent flow with up to 10 mL/min
  • detector: variable wavelength-detector or diode-array-detector - high sensitivity with a detector time of 80 Hz
  • injector: manual injector with durable valve that features a ceramic rotor or autosampler for higher sample throughput and programmable pretreatment; upgradable with an external sample tray for easy sharing of one instrument for LC or LC/MS
  • optional column oven: for better reproducibility and method development flexibility
  • high-performance software: selection between OpenLAB CDC ChemStation Edition or OpenLAB CDS EZChrom Edition
  • fast, trouble-free startup: end configurations of each system are pretested
  • Agilent 1220 Infinity Mobile LC solution: mobile upgrade kit
  • versatility: ideal for small to medium sized laboratories that do routine analysis with standard HPLC and may want to use the advantages of UHPLC
  • temperature stability: upgrade with the SIM Cooler to keep the temperature stable for sensitive samples


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