SFC-FID Analyzer

The SIM flame ionization detector (FID) for SFC systems is an all-purpose detector for Agilent’s 1260 Infinity SFC systems. In combination with a HTC LC-Sampler, the SFC-FID systems can be used for fuel analytics corresponding to ASTM D5186.

SFC-FID Analyzer

During development of the FID, ease-of-use was in the foreground. Besides parameter entry and data analysis, real-time registration of the current analytical conditions of the detector occurs via the OpenLAB ChemStation.

The SFC-FID systems enable the use of overcritical carbon dioxide as solvent and turn this separation method to a “green” chromatography. Lower solvent consumption and production of very less waste helps to improve environmental protection.

Especially for the fuel analytics in accordance with ASTM D5186, SFC-FID offers a great value by sensitive measurement of aromates and polyaromates as well as the excellent reproducibility of the results.
According to ASTM D6550, olefins in fuel can also be determined with the SFC-FID. Additionally, the SFC-FID meets all the requirements of the ASTM D7347 method to define olefins in denatured ethanol. You can find more information about the specified ASTM methods in the application notes under Download.

Further information about Agilent’s SFC systems is available here.


  • FID in combination with Agilent’s 1260 Infinity SFC systems
  • high detector sensitivity
  • very good reproducibility of the results
  • ease-of-use via OpenLAB ChemStation
  • “green chemistry“ by low solvent consumption and production of less waste
  • low working costs via use of gaseous CO2 with standard grade
article order no.
SFC-FID Analyzer for fuel analytics corresponding to ASTM D5186 SF 1260 51 86 II
SFC-FID Analyzer corresponding to ASTM D6550 and D5186 SF 1260 65 50 II
SFC-FID Analyzer corresponding to ASTM D 7347 SF 1260 73 47 II


pdfProductinformation SIM SFC-FID.pdf
pdfApplication Note ASTM D5186 Aromatics.pdf
pdfApplication Note ASTM D6550 Olefins.pdf
pdfApplication Note ASTM D7347 Ethanol.pdf


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