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SIM offers safe alternative to helium use in analytics

Problems with the helium supply have already led to considerable price increases in recent years. At present, the situation regarding the finite resource helium is visibly worsening. In addition to the already known geopolitical problems (e.g. in Qatar), the Ukraine war is now adding to the tense situation.

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Online HPLC monitor offers biotechnological process control

The developers and users of biotechnological manufacturing processes are increasingly faced with the task of making processes as effective as possible. To this end, yields and quality must be constantly optimized to ensure safe products and to advance into price segments that are competitive against the petrochemical alternatives.

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SIM contributes to the stability of bioprocesses


SIM has made a valuable contribution on the way to more stabilized bioprocesses. In the process, SIM has developed methods in which samples can be taken at different time points in the cultivation process and thereafter analyzed.

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